Cleaning out a cluttered garage can be an overwhelming task. From sports equipment and toys to tools and boxes, things tend to pile up over time.

Whether you’d like to reclaim your garage for parking, convert it to a man cave or a home gym, cleaning it is your first step. Here are some basic tips to help with the transformation:

Make a Plan

Not everyone wakes up and decides they’re going to clean their garage that day. Pick a day in advance, block out some time and commit to getting it done.

Find Some Help

Tackling a big project like cleaning your garage is always easier with help. Offering some pizza and snacks or drinks at the end of the day can be a great incentive. For particularly cluttered garages you may consider hiring professional cleaners.

Fill up the Trash Cans

Garages are often filled with items that aren’t really used or needed. First, go through and toss the junk. For items that have some value, consider a yard sale or donate them. A good question to ask yourself – Have I used this in the past 2 years? If not, you may consider getting rid of it. Make a keep pile and toss pile as you go. You can always go through the toss pile one last time to ensure you aren’t getting rid of something you don’t want to.


Once you’ve downsized to the essentials, it’s time to organize! Installing shelves or cabinets and using totes can help maximize your space. Grouping objects logically can help with maintaining your organized garage once you’re finished.

Maintain Your Space

You’re not going to want to make this project a once-a-year event. Be mindful of what you add to your garage once you’ve cleaned it. Keeping things clean and organized over time is easier than letting the space get cluttered again and having to do the large clean up every 1-2 years.

Enjoy Your Garage Again

Once you’ve finished cleaning, enjoy the results of your hard work. Consider installing a garage door screen so you can enjoy the space in the summer months.