1. Your Home’s Square Footage Increases:

Only 15% of homeowners in the United States use their garage to park their vehicles. You gain square footage in your home when you use your garage as living space, for a man cave, playroom for your children, storage, or the hang out spot for the neighborhood kids. Installing a garage door screen would come in handy while hosting a family get together, birthday party or just enjoying the extra space to relax.

2. Clean Garage:

When you’re garage door is open, the spring and summertime breezes can blow unwanted dirt, leaves, and trash into your space. The screen will protect and help eliminate having to clean your garage on a more frequent basis.

3. Bug Control & Pet Protection:

With a garage door screen in place, you can enjoy your garage without being bugged by the unwanted flying insects of summer or the neighborhood pets. It protects your pets while allowing them to spend time in the garage with you and your family.

4. More Energy Efficient:

By having a screen door installed for your garage, it will eliminate the usage of A/C or need for fans. On cooler evenings you will benefit from the air flow, which will save energy and cooling costs.

5. Improves Security:

Leaving your garage door open while you’re at home can be less stressful with the screen in place. The screen provides an extra layer between your home and potential quick grabs by neighborhood thieves. With the risk of the screen making noise and attracting attention it would discourage the thief from attempting to attack your home.